Day by Day, your 13 week journaling companion by BetterJournaling®

A journal to help you complete tasks that are congruent with your vision and year goals.

The English version (sold out now) will be available again late 2017!

About BetterJournaling®

The 13 Week Journal is the first product from the BetterJournaling® Suite, a collection of productivity tools. It’s specifically designed for entrepreneurs, but anyone seeking an accountability partner to achieve goals will benefit from the BetterJournaling® tools.

The art of managing your ideas and visions

The act of writing, as opposed to typing, requires a different connection in your brain, allowing you to be more creative and “dig deeper”.

Daily journaling & reviews

Just spend 5 to 15 minutes a day reflecting on your day and your progress. Plan your tasks for tomorrow to ensure you reach that one overarching vision for you or your business!

Celebrate your wins!

Keep track of your daily and weekly wins. Having that reminder allows you to celebrate just how awesome you really are!

Why Day by Day

Day by Day, the 13 Week Journal, was prompted by the question, “what could I accomplish in one year, and what would I present at the end of it?”.

Having a clear vision allows you to channel your ideas, and intuitively know which ideas will contribute to realizing your vision; and which ones are best left on paper (and out of your head).

The 13-week Journal keeps you on track, with a schedule of:

  • Monthly planning (±1 hour)
  • Daily journaling (±5-15 minutes)
  • Weekly review & planning (± 30 – 60 minutes)

The Benefits

Keeping ideas and recurring questions in your head will eventually limit your progress.  Your brain will feel as though it is just overflowing, and this action alone will take too much capacity to process from your brain!

Writing down these questions, answers and ideas will not only clear your brain; but, start to develop what you need to do to reach your vision.

All you need to do is make yourself have time of both a morning and an evening to keep yourself on target!

Purchase Day by Day, the 13 week journal, now!

  • 6×9 in, 15×23 cm hardcover, deluxe linnen cloth
  • 144 pages
  • vision, year goals and 13-week planning
  • 13 weeks of daily journaling
  • 13 week-review & planning
  • extra space for ideas & note taking

The English version (sold out now) will be available again late 2017!


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